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Project Info

The proposed wind turbines will be sited approximately 8km northwest of Peterhead, as shown in the site location plan below. This map shows the site (outlined in red).

The proposal for the project comprises up to 2 turbines, each with a blade tip height of up to 149.9 metres, with a total installed capacity of approx. 9.6 MW. The proposed design of the project will be developed by a multidisciplinary project team, through an iterative process which will consider feedback from consultees, the local communities, and experienced independent consultants.

It is anticipated that Cairntawie Wood Wind Farm will potentially generate approximately 34,700 MWh of electricity annually, sufficient to meet the needs of around 10,700 homes, while offsetting approximately 14,700 tonnes of CO2 per year*.

The project team are currently undertaking a suite of environmental surveys and assessments across the site. The results will be incorporated into the planning application and design process, informing the finalised layout that strikes the best balance between maximising renewable energy generation and associated benefits whilst reducing any adverse impacts where possible through a considered mitigation plan.

A formal screening request was submitted to the Aberdeenshire council in September 2023 to seek a formal Environmental Impact Assessment screening opinion. Following a formal determination, it was the view of the council that an EIA would not be required and hence, the project was screened as a non-EIA.

We anticipate the planning application will be submitted to the Aberdeenshire council in November 2024.

*Calculation correct as of February 2023 based on RenewableUK methodology, utilising the most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) (